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Therapy for Weight Management

Weight Gain, Obesity, Unhealthy Eating Behaviors, and Long-Term Weight Management

Almost three-quarters of Americans are overweight or obese. Even in the healthy Bay Area, many people struggle with our “obesegenic” environment which boasts an incredibly successful food economy with modern environments that are built so that you don’t have to move unless you are really motivated and have a very good reason to do so!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the only psychotherapy that has been shown to be effective for long-term weight control. Lisa Murphy, LCSW, has been extensively trained, has taught and worked in a variety of settings as well as co-authored a book and other publications in both the biological and behavioral science of weight gain, weight loss, and weight loss maintenance. She uses CBT and other evidence-based therapies to help people identify and change the patterns that are getting in the way, identify what their real motivation and values are, and learn how to tolerate emotions and other psychological difficulties in a way that doesn’t negatively affect their health. 

In conjunction with MD Weight Management, Help for Wellness can help you navigate the 65-billion-dollar diet industry to find evidence-based methods and support for long-term weight control. 

We also provide pre-surgical psychological evaluations for those seeking bariatric surgery as a method for long-term weight control.

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