Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

We provide statements so that clients can receive reimbursement directly from their insurance company according to their out of network plan benefits. Please let us know at your consultation or anytime once you have started therapy if you would like for us to provide you with the information needed to utilize this service.  

What is the cost of therapy?

Therapy rates are commensurate with the market rate for specialized psychotherapy in the location where you live. We also offer a limited number of sliding scale fees for those who qualify by income. Please contact us for your rate.

Do you see people in person or only online?

At this time and for the foreseeable future, Help for Wellness is only providing remote/online therapy.

Is online therapy (also known as teletherapy, virtual therapy, web therapy) safe?

Just as is true for in-person sessions, Help for Wellness makes safety a priority when providing online therapy (video or phone sessions). We use the HIPAA-compliant video platforms VSee Messenger and/or Microsoft Teams and ensure confidentiality is upheld at all times, under all circumstances.

Not only is online therapy safe, studies show and our experience is that it is just as effective as in-person therapy. Our clients also love the flexibility and time savings that online therapy affords.

How often do I come to therapy and how long should I plan to be there?

Most clients come to therapy once a week which is then titrated down to every other week and then once a month to maintain the skills that have been built during the treatment episode. Some clients need more support and in these cases, arrangements are made for the client to come more often than once a week which would then follow the typical course of therapy as progress is made.

Most therapy sessions are 50-minutes and include completing an objective measure that helps us know how you are progressing in therapy, the therapy session, assignment of homework, and your evaluation of how the therapy session went.

Why is evidence-based therapy important? How is it different than traditional talk therapy?

Evidence-based therapy like CBT is important because it’s been researched and tested on many people and found to be effective for most. Evidence-based therapists have a commitment to structured, skill-based, and collaborative therapy that quickly alleviates problematic symptoms and helps people identify and achieve goals for therapy. While some talk therapy can seem endless and long, evidence-based therapy is considered brief and measurable.  When a client presents presenting problems, an evidence-based therapist can quickly diagnose, conceptualize the individual or couples’ issues, and use proven methods to help. 

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