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Lisa Murphy, LCSW (#25280), offers therapy to individuals and groups to help them unlock their potential to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. Lisa’s private therapy practice, Help for Wellness, is located in Corte Madera, California, in Marin County, and also offers group workshops and consultation services. READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Boundaries Workshops Coming Soon!

1) Introduction to Boundaries
2) Boundaries in Relationships
3) Boundaries with Yourself

Join us to learn: 1) what a healthy boundary is and what your tendencies are in this area of life, 2) how to have healthy boundaries in your relationships with your family, friends, and community and 3) how to set boundaries with yourself when it comes to eating, drinking, spending, sleeping, etc. 

After completing this series of workshops you will have a better understanding of healthy boundaries, gain insight into your boundary beliefs and tendencies, and learn how to take steps and receive support for setting boundaries in your life.

Contact me with interest in this valuable series! 



Individual Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is used to help you identify and tackle your issues and create healthier patterns for yourself and your relationships.

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Group Therapy

Contact Lisa for current offerings for groups that focus on boundaries, long-term weight control or other wellness concerns.

Audience Chairs


Workshops on Healthy Boundaries are held in the fall and spring.  Customized talks for your group or organization can also be arranged.

What are people saying?

Real words from real clients!
  • "The delivery of information on boundaries was amazing!"
  • "Slowly but surely, I'm changing from the inside out."
  • "The work I've done has helped me break down those lies that say, 'When people know the real me they won't love me.' In fact, I think when I open up, people actually love me more!!"
  • "This workshop validated that it is ok to set boundaries."
  • "A lot of women benefited from what and how you presented."
  • "This workshop brought awareness that I am human and I don't have to beat myself up when I fail. I now know how to move forward.”